mobiDECKS™ | mobileXware LLC

The mobiDECKS™ system can rapidly integrate any type of ‘card- friendly’ content into a captivating cross-platform app - giving it a new audience and new life on mobile.

It's strength lies in the delightfully intuitive deck-of-cards interface, faithful representation of high-quality artwork, and broad scalability to include an entire family of content.
Standard Features:
  • Organize content into any number of "decks" within an app
  • Create multiple faces for each card (standard front/back…or more)
  • Assign individual cards to groups or categories for filtering
  • Navigate deck sequentially, by list, or by rifling through in Card Flow mode
  • Perform all operations on a deck that could be done with physical cards:
  • Shuffle, sort, filter by category, remove cards, combine decks, etc.
  • Deliver additional content via in-app purchase or user-directed download methods
  • Regular sequential updates to mobiDECKS code-base
  • Support for all popular mobile platforms:
  • iOS, Android…plus BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mobile Web, etc.

  • Additional Features and Options:
  • Incorporate multi-media sources into card faces (audio, video, html, etc.)
  • Add Accessory Views to cards, decks, or faces to extend functionality:
  • Timers, reminders, card counters, flash card response trackers etc.
  • Enable sales/distribution of additional content or products - vitual catalog
  • A range of other possibilities we are waiting for you to help us imagine!