About | mobileXware LLC

Somewhere amid the icy waters of Antarctica and the tropical jungles of Bolivia the seeds of mobileXware (MXW) were planted in the minds of co-founders Joel Lenorovitz and Jason Ryer - two avid world travelers and longtime friends from their home state of Colorado. The common thread for the National Science Foundation research technician and the Peace Corps volunteer was the sheer remoteness of their respective locations...and a healthy appetite for fitness and exercise.

These factors led the pair to adopt a very simple, yet fun and effective workout program that could be used anywhere - a deck of fitness playing cards. And since the pair each had a background in software, were both early adopters of tech, and shared an entrepreneurial spirit, things really snapped into place after Joel later showed Jason a rough prototype of the same card images loaded onto his then state-of-the-art Palm smartphone. Soon after that, Jason began programming his own mobile phone, filing the business papers, and the wheels were set in motion to form a new company with an honest, straightforward mission.

Innovation. Simplicity. Well-Being.

The still-nascent MXW really gained traction after forming a strategic alliance with the original source of the inspirational fitness cards, FitDeck, Inc. While collaborating closely, both parties realized that the best gains would come with each company maintaining a focus on its own area of specialization. So as FitDeck continues to deliver an increasing library of world-class fitness card decks, MXW has channeled its efforts into developing mobiDECKS™, a pioneering deck-of-cards distribution and content management system for smartphones and mobile devices of all flavors. In addition to FitDeck, MXW employs the mobiDECKS™ system to deliver an expanding range of top quality 'card-friendly' content to mobile customers worldwide.

As the size, shape, and touchscreen interfaces of smartphones have rapidly evolved to now closely resemble a physical deck of cards in nearly every way, the palm-sized form-factor that mobiDECKS™ is geared for makes more and more sense as a publishing format. Furthermore, the deck-of-cards metaphor is so intuitive and familiar to people worldwide that mobiDECKS™ has given new life and a growing audience to some amazing content that otherwise may have been overlooked by the mobile revolution. Now everyone - from fitness enthusiasts to horseback riders to scuba divers, gardeners, cooks, and more - is going mobile with the mobiDECKS™ system and MXW is here to keep that trend accelerating.