Team | mobileXware LLC

Joel Lenorovitz - Co-Founder, Software Architect/Developer, CVO
Utilizing a uniquely diverse insight into virtually all of the industries, technologies, and end-user audiences that comprise MXW's operations, Joel serves as a powerful catalyst to combine seemingly disparate components and create effective synergies among them. He thrives on getting his hands dirty in all aspects of the business to glean the details while simultaneously keeping his eyes forward to maintain the bold vision upon which the company was founded.

Andrew Small - Senior Software Developer
With an extensive background in software development across multiple programming languages and development environments, Andrew was quick to gravitate toward the mobile device ecyosystem. He has been developing for iPhone since day one and has released several of his own apps - including several projects in the digital publishing space - and is currently making substantial contributions to MXW's development efforts for iOS and beyond.

Jason Ryer - Co-Founder, Software Developer, Advisor
Instrumental to the original formation of MXW, Jason is once again traveling the world and is still active in the mobile development community. Although he has moved on to other pursuits, he remains an MXW shareholder and provides valuable insight and services in an advisory capacity.